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We are here for questions or consulting. Our help desk and ticketing system is active 24/7-365 days a year. Log a ticket New Year's Day at 3:00 and our system will prioritize your support request and route it to the next available operator.

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  • What is ransomware?
    Ransomware is a growing threat that many businesses face today. Ransomware is a type of malware that will target companies' critical files and information, locking the data so it can no longer be accessed. Victims are forced to pay the perpetrators a ransom, otherwise they will permanently lose their data. Once you are infected with ransomware it is often already too late to prevent the damage. Businesses need to proactively protect themselves from Ransomware by current with the latest protection tools and standards.
  • How can I protect against ransomware?
    1) An Effective & Secure Perimeter Securing your perimeter can help stop ransomware from ever entering in your network. At DyNet, we lead with the latest WatchGuard firewall devices to secure your internet connection by actively identifying and blocking incoming threats. The WatchGuard devices and services have multiple layers of defense, which are upgraded on an ongoing basis to combat these ever-evolving threats. We also utilize tools including as SpamBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, Reputation Enabled Defense, DNSWatch, and others to help prevent ransomware from ever infecting our clients’ networks. 2) Up to Date Antivirus Antivirus on each internet connected devices is your second layer of defense. If ransomware has managed to slip by your perimeter device, an advanced and up to date antivirus software can prevent it from running on company devices and servers. DyNet provides ESET Endpoint Security, which includes advanced and dedicated ransomware prevention tools, as well as a whole host of other malware detection and removalfunctionality. This helps keep your devices secure in the constant presence of malware. 3) User Training and Awareness The final layer of defense is user training and awareness to threats. Users must be trained to recognize the warning signs of potential threats, such as malicious websites or emails. Ransomware is often sent using emails that appear legitimate, while attempting to lure unsuspecting users to fake websites, or include a malicious attachment. Training programs are available to educate users in the warning signs, and the actions they should take if they suspect an online threat. This training also helps to protect against phishing emails that lure users to enter in their login credentials on fake websites, sending that information to scammers or other ill-intentioned parties. An educated employee offers a great value to their company by keeping sensitive and confidential information safe from attack.
  • What are the benefits of Managed Services?
    Managed services offer significant value by helping reduce businesses’ operating costs, while streamlining end user productivity. Outsourcing your IT management to a Managed Service Provider allows you to focus your time and resources on your core business, while having confidence that your IT environment will be managed by knowledgeable and qualified professionals. This service is fully scalable, providing the benefits of having access to experts, industry leading tools and predictable costs, without having to fully invest in these resources internally.
  • What is Patch Management?
    Patch Management is a core component of Managed Services, ensuring your network has the latest patches to protect against vulnerabilities and exploits. This service also prevents bad update patches from being applied, which could cause a lengthy downtime for the users, while their IT department reverts the patch and undoes the damage. DyNet's Managed Services ensures patches are reviewed and tested in a development environment, before being sent out to our clients. Patches with known issues are deferred until there is a fix available, so our clients avoid the headaches and lost productivity resulting from computer downtime.
  • What is Remote Monitoring and Event Logging?
    Remote Monitoring and Event Logging is another critical process provided through Managed Services. Devices and services are constantly monitored, and all system events are logged and tracked. Important or critical events automatically creating a service ticket so a technician from DyNet can address the issues immediately. Often there are patterns and events that warn of issues that affect systems or hardware. These can be flagged, so corrective action can be taken before they impact your operations.
  • What type of support does DyNet offer?
    Automation is another benefit of Managed Services. With DyNet's remote agents, common issues like stopped critical services or common computer errors can be automatically resolved without intervention by a user or technician. This helps to streamline end user productivity, allowing your resources to spend less time dealing with computer and IT issues, and more time achieving your goals. DyNet monitors for hundreds of common errors and has the tools available to immediately resolve them. Remote and onsite support is available for times where a technician is required. End users can connect directly with a DyNet technical resource by calling our help desk or opening a ticket directly through our task tray agent software. Most tickets can be resolved remotely by our help desk, while more serious issues may require an onsite resource.
  • Does my companies data need to be backed up?
    Yes! In today's current market, data backups should be considered absolutely essential, and form the foundation of a strong disaster recovery plan. Backup services and protect your business from data loss, resulting from a wide array of causes. This includes everything from accidental deletion to recovery from a malicious attack that can cripple a business's computer systems. Without a backup, data loss from hardware failure may require advanced recovery. This type of services can cost thousands of dollars and is guaranteed to recover your data. Having a reliable backup ensures your data can be quickly and securely restored, so your business can return to operations with minimal impact. DyNet offers a variety of backup solutions to best suit your business needs, from local backup solutions to fully redundant online encrypted cloud storage.
  • How can I lower employee downtime?
    Ransomware protection, Managed Services, and backups all work together to help lower employee downtime. The less time the end user can spending dealing with computer issues or IT headaches, the more time they can spending focusing on their work and completing their goals.
  • Is Microsoft 365 right for my company?
    Microsoft 365 is Microsoft's online cloud suite of tools. Microsoft 365 is extremely flexible, and it can scale to meet any size of business. In addition to the standard Microsoft Office applications, his solution offers a whole suite of connectivity tools that enable collaboration within your business. Small and medium sizes business can benefit from having Microsoft's powerful backend available, providing always-online email service that is not reliant on local internet connectivity or building power. Larger and enterprise customer can use hybrid setups for highly customized availability and take advantage of their advanced security features, like data loss prevention or risk-based conditional access policies.

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