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The Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association

The CGPA represents the Canadian-based generic pharmaceutical industry: a dynamic group of companies which specialize in the production of high quality, affordable generic drugs, fine chemicals and new chemical entities.

CGPA was in urgent need of a stable and reliable software solution to improve their company communication and collaboration activities.

“Trevor and Kevin at Dynet made everything simple and seamless to upgrade and transition to a more secure platform. Thank You!” - David Levee

The Problem

The CGPA main server hardware was out of warranty and the risks of hardware failure were increasing every day. DNS network setup was mapped incorrectly and also had the potential to fail. Their data backup system and process was in significant need of a revamp, as it was open to catastrophic failure should the system have crashed.

The Solution

DyNet installed a new HP state of the art server running VMware ESXi and a Microsoft Small Business Server 2010 within the virtual environment to maximize hardware performance and availability. They then reconfigured the corporate desktops to connect with new server architecture. All computers were setup with directed profiles to ensure easy data backup and redundancy. A disaster recovery plan was developed for the customer to ensure proper governance and compliance to established corporate guidelines. Data backup was configured and scheduled to an offsite datacenter to ensure maximum redundancy and protection.

The Result

CGPA had hardware that was over 10 years old. The new system provided significantly increased speeds and reliability, improving employees' day to day productivity. The green technology of the new hardware also resulted in power savings.


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